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My Husband is My Super Hero and Other Sparks that Keep Love Alive


vintage striped paper

We laugh a lot at my house. Never *at* each other, always *with* each other. It’s a huge distinction. If you are feeling that something could be a little “off” in your relationship, check in with yourself and see if there has been any *at* instead of *with* lately.

We find that laughing together is fun. Fun makes us feel good and feeling good keeps the happily in the married.

So The Hubs has a Super Hero name – The Flash. (Originally because he takes super fast showers and lately because anytime he does something quickly it makes him smile whenever I call him “The Flash”)

Making hubby smile = always a good thing.

Do you have a super hero name for your hubby? Can you make one up? Try it this week and see what happens. You can even ask him, if you could be any super hero, which one would you want to be?

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He calls me his rock star. Because he says I inspire people. And then there is the blog (Hello! Yes this one!)  And then occasionally, I am on the radio. It makes me smile every time he does this. Every. Time.

Making wifey smile = always a good thing.

We flirt with each other daily. We complement each other when we dress up, even if it’s just for work on any random Tuesday. This brings twinkles to our eyes immediately. So we start the day with Twinkles. Always a good thing.

When we do our daily check in, we ask questions, we share stories and we learn about what happens in each other’s universe when we are apart. Connecting over our daily adventures brings us closer together. Because we do this every day, we never really go that far – even if one of us is travelling half way across the world.

We tell each other (almost) every day – “You are my favorite person.” And we mean it. I like to chime in and add that I know a lot of *really cool people* and even including Oprah and Channing Tatum, he is *still* my favorite person. He likes to smile whenever I do that.

There is no recipe for marriage. There is no secret sauce. There is every day. There is a kiss when you leave for work, a hug when you come back home, a text in the middle of the day and the promise that you will do it all over again tomorrow.

vintage striped paper

I read a quote last week that really got to me. It said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

Apparently a wise man named Ghandi said that.

The beauty of marriage for me is the combination of the daily (what’s for dinner tonight?) and the always (yes that includes things like 30 years mortgages and dreaming of a house on a lake for the bucket list).

When I think about being married, one of my favorite ideas to ponder is that it’s so long. I love thinking about what my husband will be like when he is 80. I love knowing that every year we will be together. New adventures, different episodes, but always the same characters – The Super Hero and the Rock Star, loving life.

vintage striped paper

This week’s LoveWork – get super hero names for each other. Or something equally eye-twinkling that makes you smile whenever you think about it.

We love comments – what came up for you as you were reading this today? These are clues to lead you to your greatest happiness and we love it when you share!

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