Alexandra Franzen: Love Letters for Him, Her + Everyone


Alexandra Franzen what I know about love

Over the last few weeks we have been riding the emotional roller coaster of facing Perfect Wife Syndrome and working through feelings of overwhelm.

It’s time for a break. A hug. Some electronic sugar cookies sound good right about now.

I am so honored and delighted to bring you the bright, shining voice of one of my favorite writers, Alexandra Franzen.

Over the years her blog has provided endless inspiration to my writing journey and I was thrilled to be mentioned when she wrote about operating as if the world is already listening.

Alexandra says that, when it comes to being a better writer — and a better human being — she has a ten-word philosophy: Start with love. Keep it simple. You are not confused.

Her two books — 50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome (Sourcebooks) and Our Q+A A Day: A 3-Year Journal For 2 People (Potter Style) have inspired thousands of people to say “thank you” and “I love you,” a lot more often.

“Thank you” and “I love you” just never go out of style.  They are the little black dresses of the heart.

If there is anything that has hit home for me over the last few weeks it’s the importance of loving now. Appreciating now. Giving now. Our spouses and partners and families and friends and co-workers and pets need us now.

Not some day when our to-do list is finished and our bank accounts are balanced and our groceries are done. Now.

It’s time to say I love you now. Because there will never be a good time or a better time or a more convenient time.

Think of this post, “Love letters for him, her + everyone” as an oasis of literary love in the middle our hectic schedules.

It’s time to pause, reconnect, kiss, and savor the love we have in our lives. The feelings and people that make everything worth it.


If you realized how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet. Byron Katie Quote

Love letters for him, her + everyone – By Alexandra Franzen

“If you realized how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet.”
– Byron Katie


When you take command, she melts.

(Plan the date. Handle the details. Make the effort.)

When you write her a handwritten note she will keep it forever. She loves when you’re thinking about her when she is not around. (When that happens, tell her.)

Her internal architecture rearranged the moment that she met you, and again the moment that she realized she loved you.

She is ready to build empires with you.

She loves the way the back of your neck smells, the scruff of your face at five o’ clock, and the way your arms wrap around her, completely.

She wonders, sometimes, if she’s “good enough” to keep you. She’s your biggest fan. She thinks you can be anything. To her, you’re MORE than everything.

To her, you are a king.


He loves your body. Really, he does.

He thinks you’re soft and you smell so good and something happens in his belly when you snuggle up close — like absolute yearning and total satisfaction, all at once.

He loves when you strut around in heels and he loves when you’re wearing no make-up at all and he secretly wishes you’d quit wearing sticky lipgloss and switch to minty chapstick, forever.

He can’t fathom how you could ever look in the mirror and feel anything less than overwhelmed with amazement.

He wonders, often, if he’s “good enough” for you. He’s your biggest fan. He thinks you can do anything. To him, you are THE everything.

To him, you are a queen.



You are more lovable, more kissable, more hug-able, more hold-able, more everything-able than you can possibly know.

If you have found someone to love, keep loving.

If you are seeking someone to love, keep going.

Because …

“Someone you haven’t met yet is already dreaming of adoring you.”
– Danielle LaPorte

It’s true.

And that’s what I know about love.


Alexandra Franzen

love quote Alexandra Franzen you are lovable

Alexandra Franzen wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters are brave and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.

Her refreshingly simple tips on writing, productivity + creativity (and everyday woes — like inbox-clearing) have been featured on Fast Company, Forbes, The Daily Love, The Huffington Post — and on radio programs from coast to coast.

Get free workbooks + scripts to unlock your inner wordsmith at:

This week’s LOVE WORK – Say I love you now. Write a text, send a note, use lipstick or ink, a laptop or a hug. Do it now.


create a time capsule for your relationship with one sentence a day.

One Lucky Reader will win a copy of Alexandra’s Amazon Best Seller: Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People.

TO ENTER – Complete this sentence and post in the comments: What I know about love is….

Contest is open in the US only and ends on Saturday June 21st at midnight Eastern time. The winner will be notified via email. Positive Vibes and Electronic Hugs will be sent to all who enter. All entries may be featured in a future blog post celebrating what we all know about love and your entry provides permission to repost and quote you. Cool, right?

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  1. Teresa R says

    What I know about love is….that there is something new to learn about love every day. My husband constantly amazes me with his love and support of me, even when he doesn’t realize he is doing so. We have gone through some tough trials, (going through one now with an infestation of bed bugs) and his love, strength and support have kept me uplifted and kept me moving forward

  2. Gina Mikes says

    What I know about Love is… Love comes in all shapes & sizes. Sometimes it sneaks up on you and you have no control over it. Just go with it, and Love deeply, Smile often & try as much as possible to Be Happy & thankful for the wonderful life God has chosen for you and your husband. Positive thinking will ALWAYS get you through the tough times and when those tough times pass what a glorious feeling to share with you spouse.

  3. Claudia says

    What I know about love is… it starts with me. You have to love yourself before you can love someone else completely. I am lucky enough to say that my hubby loves me and the woman I am becoming. This just makes me love my hubby more and more each day.

  4. Mariangela says

    What I know about love is…….it never ceases to amaze me……When you think you lost it,if it’s true,unconditional love,it will come back to you.My husband and I went through a very rough patch but we are still together,working things out because we love each other deeply.

  5. Jeannine says

    What I know about love is….it is a choice. There will always be ups and downs, happy times and sad times, frustration and joy. But through it all you have to choose to love, even when it is hard. When you can choose love, you bring peace and joy to yourself and those around you.

  6. says

    What I know about love is…that no matter what I think I know, I’m learning new things every day. People change, life brings some unexpected curve balls, and it is at those moments that you learn just a little bit more, love just a little bit more, and appreciate just a little bit more. Who knew it was possible to admire, appreciate, and love my husband more now than when we married 20 years ago. So what I know is that love can change, evolve and grow and teach us new ways of loving eachother every day!

  7. Katie says

    What I know about love is…that it evolves, grows, and best of all I learn every day how to do it better!

  8. Joanna Kelley says

    What I know about love is… not enough. What I know is that love (as we know it) is merely a glimpse of something much greater than we can ever fathom in our life on earth.

  9. says

    What I know about love is…it’s the most powerful force in the universe. It can change things, stop things, create things, make them better/more beautiful, keep people going long after they thought they’d give up.

  10. says

    What I know about love is… that you can find it in the simplest things around you, right now, if you stop for a second to:

    – smell the flowers (and buy some if you have change)
    – fill up your lungs with air (until you can’t get more in)
    – wrap your arms around you (there are 50 trillion mini-yous in your body, hug them, they keep you alive and love you unconditionally)
    – look outside (and be grateful that you’re not blind)
    – smile at a stranger (and make their day)
    – read this out loud (and hear your own voice):

    About the Voyager, leaving the edge of our galaxy before getting lost in the cosmos, when Carl Sagan asked to turn it around and take its final picture:

    “Consider again that dot [Earth]. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there – on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”

    ― Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

    … that’s LOVE.

    Alejandra Ruani

    * I’m in London, UK, though not eligible, I had to share this :-)

  11. says

    Love is such a beautiful feeling. Marriage is a wonderful relationship. But happiness in married life cannot be had just like that. You must contribute your love,care and support to make your marriage a success. I am from India and I totally agree with your perception of love.

  12. says

    What I believe about love is: We are a part of A Source that IS love. That means WE are love. It is inside us, not outside. We are never without love. Reach inside and pull that love out and share it…. you will find the well never runs dry and when you share it, it’s amazing how much more you FEEL it. Xoxo

  13. Laura says

    What I know about love is… That it comes in all shapes and sizes and it is usually found in an area or at a time you never thought it would appear. It’s all around if you choose to open yourself up to it.

  14. Natanya says

    What I know about love . . . It’s a universal frequency – our body the antenna, our attention the dial. Tune in, receive, broadcast. Everything else is just static.

  15. sonja says

    What I know about love is that it is the reason we are here, above all else. To love. To be loved. But I also know that sometimes, even though we have so much love to give, there is not always someone on the receiving end. And then love can be …crushing. Pardon me while this tsunami of sadness sweeps across my heart. This email set off feelings I did not know were so close to the surface. I have loved and been loved, but I have held out for more because I deserve it. Though he loved me many years ago and I him, I knew in my core that it was not right for either of us. And it wasn’t. But whatever it was I was looking for has never shown up and it feels as though time is running out and it is not for me this time around. So my love builds to overflowing and the tears release some of the pressure. Maybe this time around we are ships passing in the night with no lights on, completely unaware of the other being so close. I don’t have the answer, not for myself nor for anyone else. So i cry a few tears, tell myself I love myself as do many others in my life, and that all is as it should be, here, now. And I take a deep, cleansing breath and move forward.

  16. says

    What I know about love is, when the world falls apart around me, when tragedy strikes it is the arms of love that hold me together through it all. It comforts, consoles, and reassure all while giving me what I need to move forward. Love is the greatest gift of all.

  17. Regina C. says

    What I know about love is that it grows in intensity over time. You’ll never be complacent with it.

  18. says

    What I know about love is this: The prince I kissed a million frogs for, despaired of ever meeting, and wondered where he was and why he couldn’t see the truly beautiful inside me, was so worth the wait. I believed that then and I am still sold on that now, over 31 years later of being happily married.

  19. says

    I am completely overwhelmed with awe and love and thanksgiving at the beautiful interpretations and visions of love you all have shared.

    We all have moments when the world is cloudy and hearts are heavy – on those days, I will read your comments to remember the many faces of love and the boundless beauty that can surround us if we look for it.


    PS will draw a winner this week!

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